Classic Metal Shaping was established in 1991.

I specialise in metalwork from restoring existing panels and  bodies to making a new body for vintage or classic cars. My workshop is well equipped to do the work efficiently and to a very high standard. I also undertake chassis repair and I am equipped for this work. Ash frame repairs can also be carried out as required. I can make the parts in my workshop in essex for your classic car or vintage car that are not available elswhere. Before you decide where to have your car restored ask yourself how they are going to do it without the specialist machines and tooling available at Classic Metal Shaping.



Workshop -Metalwork

My workshop is well equipped for all coachbuilding work with two wheeling machines and a third small wheeling machine for tight shapes.

My two Pullmax machines can create any detail required for classic and vintage car panels such as swages, body lines and beads for floorpanels. These versatile machines can also create louvres of varying lengths or louvres in curved panels. They make short work of cutting the blanks for panels and can be used for cutting slots, shrinking large areas and forming flanges. Having two of these machines means I can avoid constantly changing tooling which can be time consuming over the course of a restoration or while creating an entire body. 

My louvre punch has a large throat and I have a lot of sizes and styles of louvre tools so I am able to punch louvres for most requirements. I can also make one off tooling should it be needed. (BTW Its not a spelling mistake on the machine I deliberately used the American spelling)


I  have several shrinkers and stretchers so I don't waste time swapping tooling. There are also several folders, guillotines, Jennys, swagers, fly presses and hole punching machines for creating the details in panels. I also have several planishing machines to speed up the process of forming and metal finishing panels. All this machinery means that I can produce work in an efficient way and to a high standard.


Watch my videos on the video page to see some of these machines in use. 

Workshop- Woodwork

It is inevitable that there will be rot and damage in the ash framed cars I work on. I have the skills, tools and machines needed for carrying out quality repairs to ash frames.


The woodwork shop is equipped with a cut off / table saw, bandsaw, power fret saw, belt sander, routers and planers as well as all the hand tools associated with woodwork. So if your ash frame is in need of repair I can ensure that it is in good repair before I carry out any metalwork.  These machines are also put to good use to create bucks and tooling for forming the parts I make. 

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