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Any style of vintage or classic car coachwork to your design. There are many examples of my hand crafted coachwork on this site.


If you are carrying out a classic car restoration and need a coachbuilder to create new bodywork or if you need a vintage car body contact me.




I carry out classic car bodywork restoration to the highest standard. I have restored many classic car bodies including several Ferrari's, Aston Martins, MG's, Morris, Talbot, Ford, Alfa romeo, Maserati Sunbeam, Alvis, Lancia and many other marques. I can create new panels and restore existing panels to ensure high quality. The fit and finish of my panels is second to none.Take a look at the gallery to see some examples.  


The  most critical part of any classic car restoration is the bodywork. It is the foundation of the car.

Panel making

Any style of panel can be hand crafted using your existing panels as a pattern. Alternativley I can work from existing coachwork and photos. If you are restoring a classic car or a vintage car and need some panels I can help you. I have made hundreds of panels for Classic and Vintage cars. I can work from your original panels to create accurate replacements; and can provide the panels you need to carry out your classic car restoration.



                 Classic car restoration - Vintage car restoration

Traditional skills- traditional values

Some of our metalworking machines

Here at Clasic Metal Shaping I use traditional skills and tools to provide my customers with high quality workmanship. I create panels from steel aluminium and brass. My well equipped workshop enables me to produce high quality work efficiently.


Started in 1991 I have provided my customers with good value, high quality workmanship for over twenty five years. I feel that I am able to provide my customers with the peace of mind that goes with knowing that they are dealing with an established business that has the experience to get the job done. 


Traditional methods and a very well equiped workshop ensure that my customers get quality work done as efficently as possible.

This coupled with a very reasonable hourly rate ensures value for money.



Hand crafted 1912 Sunbeam body

Please browse the image gallery to see some examples of the work we do. Take a look at my videos to see some of my past work and see how I go about creating parts so that you can see what we can do for you.


This website is very much a work in progress so please call back and have another look soon.


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