Here are some videos that show some of my past projects and some of the innovative techniques I have developed for creating one off and batch panelwork. There are many videos here showing some of my past work, the services I offer and the machines I have to help me work efficently. several of these machines were made by me. 

Here I show how I go about making replacement SS100 Radiator shells. I have made a large number of these as replacements for original  shells, for accurate replicas and for kit kars like the Suforlk  100.

Here I show how I hot rivet  Hand  formed  complex chassis sections togeter. I have saved  several  vintage chassis in this way. 

This shows some simple mudguards for a vintage boat trailer being hand crafted from steel sheet. Air tools make the work lighter and  speed up the process saving customers money.

Here is a video showing how I made some replacement louvred panels for a Lancia Stratos. 

See some of  the work  involved  in making a replacement SS100 petrol tank .in the video below. I can make any kind of  petrol  tank  for any car.

Here I show how I can produce panels either in batches or one off in an efficient cost effectictive way because of  my  Pullmax tools. Many of these tools are unique to me. They save a lot of work and  time.

This video shows how I  hand craft a replacement front valance for an SS100 in aluminium

This video shows how using  my pullmax machines and other machines  I can save time and therfore save our customers money .

Here is a video that shows how I punch louvers into panels with my louver punching machine. I can create any louver you need  because I make all my own tooling and  have tooling for many styles and sizes of louvers. 

below is a video showing how a wing can be created from flat sheel steel or aluminum, often I can use the original panel as a pattern and do not have to create a 'buck.'

This video shows somre of the tooling I have developed  to enable me to work efficietly. forming curved  flanges on parts like doorskins and  for wire edges is very time consuming. wire edging is labour intensive. These tools save time and money.

A few clips edited together from my facebook page to show some of the machines and tools I use to restore classic cars here in essex.

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