I have worked on many SS100s over the last thirty years and in that time I have developed many patterns, templates and bucks copied from original parts. This means that I can now provide you with new panels for your SS100.


Scroll down if you would like to watch some videos showing some of the processes and machines I use to make SS100 parts here at my workshop.


SS 90 parts including the radiator shell can also be made to order.


Using an original chassis, ash frame and wings I developed bucks that enable me to hand craft new wings which are accurate and the correct shape.



I developed tooling and patterns for reproducing accurate copies of the original SS100 petrol/fuel tank. These are constructed in the same way as the original.  Made from  lead/tin coated steel  like the originals, all rivets and fittings are in the correct positions. The beads which are a very obvious feature of the tank are exact copies of the original beads. My tanks are indistinguishable from the original. I make these new to order. There is a video below showing a tank being made.


I can clad an existing ash frame to a high standard. If your ash frame is in need of repair I can repair the existing ash frame or I can supply a new ash frame and clad it for you. 


Using an original bonnet I made a buck and patterns so that I can reproduce an SS100 bonnet to a very high standard. I made louver tooling to replicate the original louvers precisely. The bonnet is formed from sheet aluminium and has louvers punched in exactly the same pattern as the original. There are two styles and three sizes of louvers in these bonnets. A total of 242 louvers. Each louver is an accurate copy of the original and the layout is correct. 


I make an accurate copy of the SS100 radiator shell. Hand crafted from brass, I have made many of these for original cars and replicas alike. They are hand formed in brass and have all the correct details. 



With patterns and a buck made from an original front valance and louver tooling purpose made to replicate the original pattern of louvers, I am able to make a new front valance which is accurate in apearance and fit. There ia a video on the video page showing a valance being made.



Many cars have damaged wing stays. I offer these should you need them. Once again they are copied from original parts. If you are building a replica these are accurate and will support the wings in the correct manor. 




Working from your existing chassis I can build and fit all the parts you need to restore your SS100 or create an accurate replica. Classic Metal Shaping is the only company  that can offer all of this for the SS100 with all parts made in house to the very highest standard. See below a few photos of SS100 parts made here at Classic Metal Shaping along with two of the cars built here.

I have been working on SS100's since the the business was started in 1991. Prior to that I worked at a company that specialised in SS100 cars. See below some photos of one set of wings made aound  twenty five years ago here at Classic Metal Shaping and a body which was clad about the same time.I have more than thirty years of experience with these cars. 

I made these wings about thirty years ago.

SS100 wings made about twenty years ago - we have more than twenty five years experience with these cars
SS100 body clad at Classic Metal Shaping about twenty years ago

Below are some videos showing how I make parts for the SS100.


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