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 Some examples of my work

In the last twenty five years I have worked on many of the top marques including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Maserati, Jaguar, Mercedes, Porche, Bentley, Bristol, BMW, Riley, SS, Talbot, Alfa Romeo and many others.


The photos below show jobs spanning the last twenty five years from GP Race cars to pedal cars. Along with cars that have competed in the Peking to Paris motor challenge and cars that have won national shows. Some were done many years ago such as the SS Airline and the Alvis speed twenty. Others are from just a few years ago and some are more recent. One thing that has not changed in all that time is my dedication to achieving a high standard of work. Scroll down to see more examples of my work.

Healy 100 race damage repair

This Healy 100 was damaged during a race. The rear wing was torn completely off the car. I  repaired it within the customers timescale ready for the next outing. This is fairly typical of the accident damage repairs I carry out. The rear wing was straightened and repaired, also straightening and replacing other panels as needed. I straightened  the damage to the chassis and repaired rust damage at the same time.

Original SS100 rebuild

Over the years I have worked on a number of SS100 cars, I can now make every part for the body of these cars. 


Visit the SS100 page to see what I can offer customers who are restoring or recreating an SS100.  



SS100 petrol tank (fuel tank)

I have made several replacement petrol tanks for SS100 cars. I have developed patterns and tooling for reproducing these. The tanks we make are an exact copy of the original with the original style and size beads ensuring that the rivets are in the correct places. These details are wrong on many of the reproduction tanks I have seen. I can make petrol tanks for any vintage car.

Some of my brass work

I can make any part in brass from door handles to trim pieces and radiator shells to header and bottom tanks for radiators. See below for some examples of my brass work. I have made a good number of SS100 Radiator shells and have made shells for many other cars including  Alvis, Bentleys, Swallows and Jaguars. If you need a shell or any brass parts I will be pleased to help. Among the trim pieces I have hand crafted is the Ferrari 212 grill surround which had been destroyed in an accident. 


Over the years I have repaired and made many bumpers. See below a hand made bumper for an Aston Martin and one for a Ferrari. 


I have created a number of one of a kind specials for customers. Several were based on Riley chassis but I have also built specials based on MG and Bentley Chassis. If you have a chassis and would like to build a special I can create any style of body you require. I can restore any chassis replacing corroded areas and carry out any modifications needed.

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