Bodywork Restoration Tutorial  

David Gardiner, proprietor of Classic Metal Shaping was a part time lecturer for many years at Colchester Institute on the restoration course. Some time ago he produced a 'how to' DVD showing professional techniques for restoring classic car bodywork using simple hand tools. This DVD has been very popular and has sold world wide. Here is a link to the website with more information about the DVD. 







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Over the years I have purchased a good collection of technical DVD’S & videos; in most cases the content is restricted in order to sell you the next DVD in the series. This is not the case with BODYWORK RESTORATION TUTORIAL. Dave puts 100% into this DVD, and he shows you secrets that would take years to learn. In many other video courses I have watched, you will be shown how to do most of the work with hand tools – but just when you think you could tackle the job, out comes the tool that costs a month’s wages. This is not the case with Bodywork Tutorial. All the projects are done with hand tools, no shrinkers or wheeling machines. Other than oxyacetylene, everything is what you would find in the average home workshop. All you need is practise to develop your skill. The majority of my own work is mechanical but some sheet metal work is required. This DVD has answered a lot of questions for me.

Mark Bishop. Engineer to Buckingham Palace & The Royal Household.


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